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We are currently looking for distributors internationally. If you have a organic supply business or are in the agriculture business with ready client please contact us to secure your dealership license. We can supply in bulk at 2-3 times cheaper than any other organic fish fertilizer provider worldwide.

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Bio-Agro Organic Fertilizer is the name for NIR Alpha Sdn. Bhd. (704088-W) brand of naturally organic fish fertilizer. The company, located in Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysia, is dedicated to producing highly valuable natural, organic soil amendments and fertilizer products through the feed waste recovery process. Bio-Agro Organic Fish Fertilizer is made using proven, state-of-the-art technologies to helps grow healthier food while improving the environmental.

Our fully licensed facility has the capability to produce up to 80 tons of Bio-Agro Organic Fish Fertilizer per month. Our processing facility is completely roofed with all ambient air and process air/steam filtered and scrubbed with equipment rated at over 90% effective. Combined with the small foot print our technology offers the best product with the least environmental impact.

Bio-Agro Organic Fish Fertilizer is marketed as a liquid concentrate as we feel it is the best way to retain all nutrients in the fertilizer. It has a long shelf life and has been tested in numerous field trials for more than a dozen crops with highly positive results. Overall results showed an increase in the value of the crop from 10-25% depending on the particular crop and market conditions. This is also due in part to the disease suppression characteristics of Bio-Agro Organic Fish Fertilizer which reduces and sometimes eliminates the need for other more toxic non-organic crop protection measures.

Laboratory and field trials have shown that Bio-Agro Organic Fish Fertilizer is effective in mitigating powdery mildew and other similar fungus that affects plants. In addition to that, Bio-Agro Organic Fish Fertilizer is also shown to have a positive impact in preventing the onset of other more deadly diseases in plants and crops. Bio-Agro Organic Fish Fertilizer can be used on a standalone basis or in combination with other more traditional fertilizers and crop protection products.

Bio-Agro Organic Fish Fertilizer is safe for application for any lawn or farm and will not present any ill affect like how chemical fertilizers will. We intend to do well by providing the best performing product that is still environmentally friendly. 



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